Jan 262015
Breva Genie 03 is first watch with functional speedometer

  The Breva Genie 03 is the world’s first-ever wristwatch with a functional speedometer. This is the third watch from Breva to feature their signature complication – a scientific instruments that monitor the wearer’s environment. The previous two, the Génie 01 and Génie 02 had Barometer and Altimeter complications. Before the Genie 03 calculating the

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Jan 202015
Cartier Astrotourbillon Skeleton has tourbillon seconds indicator.

The new Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon Skeleton Watch Calibre 9461MC will officially be introduced at the SIHH, despite its rather long-winded name its actually been reduced in terms of real estate. The Cartier Astrotourbillon Skeleton uses an open worked version of their caliber MC 9451 which took 5 years to develop for use in the original

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Jan 092015
HYT Skull - the liquid watch gets new design.

HYT is kicking off 2015 by revealing the latest addition to its collection : the HYT Skull. These limited edition pieces feature the same capillaries of its “liquid timekeeping” technology (more on that here) but shaped into the outline of a skull. It’s not so much a watch for time-telling but closer to a fantastic piece

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Jan 072015
10 Wooden watches

Wooden watches have a few things going for them: they are light-weight most of them are half the weight of a watch with a metal band,  they are hypo-allergenic so a good choice for those with metal allergies and these timber timepieces can also look better with age due to the patina of the wood being conditioned by

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Dec 312014
Grieb and Benzinger Pharos Centurion Imperial in Palladium

Grieb and Benzinger specialize in creating watches with handmade dials and taking vintage and antique movements and bringing them to life again. This is done by painstakingly reworking them so they bear little resemblance to their original state. For the first time they have released an entirely black model, the Grieb & Benzinger Pharos Centurion

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Dec 182014
Steampunk timepieces by Das Kabinett Watches

Dutch Steampunk watchmaker Rodin van Lies-hout founded Das Kabinett Watches  in 2008 after becoming aware of Steampunk culture. Since then he has been designing and building wearable timepieces and taking his inspiration from “Jules Verne, fairy-tales Victorian times, but also the decades of 1900 to 1950″. He builds his watches without the use of modern heavy

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Dec 172014
Nevo minimalist smartwatch

The Nevo is a smartwatch that combines activity tracking and phone notifications but using a minimalist analogue design. In order to track activity goals this smartwatch uses eleven bright white LED indicators which have been embedded around the névo dial. These are used to measure goal progression and to give feedback of your activity level

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Dec 152014
Quirky Projects Twirler watch has offset hands.

At first you could be forgiven for thinking that reading the time is not an easy task with this Projects Twirler watch. It appears to be a bit disconcerting but although its a quirky design its not that difficult to read. Basically the hands of the Projects Twirler have moved outward from the center of the dial

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