The worlds most unusual watches

Daniel Strom Giger tribute watch features Alien designs

Daniel Strom Giger tribute watch

With Halloween just round the corner, something a little darker for you, a watch or “wrist sculpture”  featuring  the Alien designs from the mind of H.R Giger. The case includes heads and skull pieces taken from Giger’s Biomechanoid creature , while the dial forms a spectacular silver relief that is inspired by one of the artist’s most famous …

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“Whisky Watch” contains world’s oldest whisky.


Timekeeping meets the Scottish art of distillation in the Whisky Watch, an unusual watch which features  a chamber embedded in the dial containing a single drop of the worlds oldest whisky, a Glenlivet 1862. The Whisky Watch is a partnership between watchmaker Louis Moinet and Polish company, Wealth Solutions known for specializing in luxury collectibles. Louis Moinet has created …

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Worlds first mechanical watch pen, the Anura Rafael Write Time

anura rafael write time

The Anura Rafael Write Time is the worlds first mechanical watch pen. Combining a tourbillon watch and fountain pen into one, the Anura Rafael Write Time is a unique convertible objet d’art that transforms from watch to pen and vice versa. Its made up of what the brand refers to as a “capsule” which to use as a watch …

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Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch

Konstantin Chaykin Joker

Batman watches are all the rage with the impressive looking Romain Jerome Batman watch featuring the bat signal on the dial, the awesome looking Rebellion T-1000 Gotham as well as the futuristic Romain Jerome Spacecraft Batman watch. Now Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin has come out with another unique creation: the Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch. Another highly unusual watch …

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First watch made from cheese, the Swiss Mad Watch.


This ones not for the lactose intolerant watch lover. The CEO of Moser Edouard Meylan describes the aptly named “Swiss Mad Watch” as “unique, symbolic, and irreverent”,  but it could also be called cheesy and I’m not talking about its looks but the material its made from because this watch is literally made from cheese! This is the first …

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Escape from New York watch, the Lifeclock One


Officially licensed the unusual Lifeclock One is a version of Snake Plissken’s countdown watch from Escape from New York. Set in the then near-future of 1997 the 1981 film by John Carpenter is a dystopian action film set in a crime-ridden United States that has converted Manhattan Island in New York City into a maximum security prison following a …

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Azimuth SP 1 crazy rider has chain transmission design.

azimuth sp 1 crazy rider

“We are fans of the 1960s movie Easy Rider, starring Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda. I remember watching the film and getting inspired by its message of fearlessness and freedom, and we wanted to convey this through the SP-1 Crazy Rider,” says the creator of Azimuth. Taking inspiration from wide, endless highways and the intrepid travellers …

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MB&F LM1 Silberstein is colourful update to the original.

MB&F LM1 silberstein

Founded in 2005 by the Swiss Maximilian Büsser, the young brand MB&F are known for their unique luxurious creations, as well as watches resembling spaceships they have designed the very unusual table clocks Melchior and Arachnophobia. Recently the brand has unveiled the MB&F LM1 Silberstein, a new exceptional timepiece. It is the fruit of a partnership with Alain …

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Hublot MP-07 like its powerful brother needs drill for winding.

Hublot MP-07

The Hublot MP-07 debuted earlier this year and is part of Hublot’s line of watches with huge power reserves,  the previous one being the awesome looking  MP-05 La Ferrari with an amazing total of 50 days of power reserve. The Hublot MP-07 like the MP-05 uses a series of stacked mainspring barrels to give it a …

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Azimuth Twin Turbo inspired by sports cars from the sixties.

Azimuth Twin Turbo inspired by sports cars from the sixties. 2

  Swiss independent brand Azimuth is well known for creating unusual watch designs such as their very cool SP1 Landship with a design reminiscent of a World War I tank or their whimsical Mr Roboto watch inspired by early tin robots made in Japan in the 1950’s.. Despite their avant-garde designs their watches use off the shelf ETA …

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Hautlence Vortex Primary features 19 stained glass panels.

Hautlence Vortex Primary 3

The Hautlence Vortex Primary is a partnership with ex-footballer Eric Cantona that has yielded a striking and unusual design featuring 19 stained glass panels through which the technically impressive Hautlence  movement can be viewed (the Hautlence HLR 2.0 calibre). The hour is displayed by a vertical belt style indicator at the nine o’clock position,  the current hour …

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