Devon Works Tread. Hybrid electro-mechanical watch

Devon Works Tread

Devon Works Tread 1

Devon Works Tread 1

A mixture of electronic and mechanical technology, the Devon Tread 1 uses four 2/1000th of an inch belts powered by microstep motors and mounted on central chassis which is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.

By choosing to power these belts via electronic motors instead of a mechanical movement the cost is reduced substantially. The Tread 1 retails for $15,000, if you consider that the Tag Heuer V4 also a belt driven watch but powered by a mechanical movement costs close to $100,000 you can appreciate the economics.

According to designer Jason Wilbur the Tread 1 is:

“Inspired by custom motorcycles and industrial conveyor belts. The first Hybrid electro-mechanical watch of its kind.”

The Devon Tread 1 utilises wireless technology to charge the batteries which last 2 weeks. Having four belts, one of which is in constant motion – the ‘seconds belt’ – requires quite an amount of power for a watch, “keep in mind that the torque and power required to rotate the pulleys and keep the seconds belt constantly moving is not small. The engineering required to power this bad boy for up to 2 weeks was quite a feat.” Jason Wilbur states.

Devon works Tread

Exploded view

Some of the space age features of the Devon Tread 1 include:

Temperature compensated crystal that provides data to the microstep motors.

The crystal is also made from scratch resistant, anti-reflective polycarbonate with bullet proof durability!

The pulley system is lubricant free thanks to the integration of jewelled bearings.