Hautlence HL2 locomotive-like 12 chain movement

After three years of intense research, Hautlence released the HL2.0. Hautlence calls it a second ‘Philosophy of Hautlence HL2 Timekeeping.’ This new piece includes three patents and a host of innovations.

The spectacular architecture of this new movement is built around a unique jumping hour on a 12-link chain, moved by a connecting rod system like those used in old steam locomotives. The connecting rod guides the rotation to control acceleration and deceleration, allowing the hours to jump smoothly.

To ensure that the system has enough power, no less than four dedicated mechanism have been developed to manage the speed regulation, including an inertial friction system, a one way 360 degree rotation control system, and a dedicated barrel to provide power to the complications.

The most remarkable part is that the complete escapement system, including the plate, bridges and wheels, moves to a new position each time the hour jumps, making four complete rotations every single day.

To counter balance the debilitating effects of gravity on precision, Hautlence has made the entire mechanism move; a first in watchmaking history.

Source: Hautlence

Video showing the locomotive-like motion of the 12 link chain used to power the jump hour.

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