Laco Abacus “Time to be touched”: Magnetic personality.

Laco Abacus

Laco Abacus

This stunning watch from Abacus has a case of either brushed stainless steel or gold plate and features a small ball that rolls freely around the face in a groove, its uncovered by glass so time is also perceivable by touch.

When the magnet inside the watch activates, it catches the ball and indicates the time.
Concealed crown and strap bars and water resistant up to 3 ATM

The striking simplicity of the look and the ingenuity of the design make this not only a timepiece, but a conversation piece as well!



  1. Parvesh Aggarwal

    want to buy in india, where avail in india

  2. Alan Jonas

    Where can I buy it?

  3. cory

    does anyone know where one can purchase one of these watches?

  4. eam

    I want to buy this can anu one suggest a site with avilability

  5. Ewald Termaat

    I have one, still brand new! If a can get a good price I will sell it…
    If you’re interested please contact me:

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