The worlds most unusual watches

HYT H1 Alumen Blue

HYT H1 Alumen Blue

The HYT H1 Alumen Blue, a new version of this unusual watch using liquid to tell the time. Fluids and mechanical watch technology do not go so well together. So how does someone get it into their head to take a liquid reservoir and put it in a watch case? In 2002, that was exactly what Lucien Vouillamoz wanted …

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Giuliano Mazzuoli releases watch made of marble.

Mazzuoli marble

Cradle of the Renaissance and home to some of the greatest masters of the arts the world has ever known, Florence is a showcase of magnificence. Giuliano Mazzuoli is proud of his Florentine roots, and when asked what does the wondrous place he comes from inspire him to create, this time the answer comes from …

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HDD watch: a micro hard disc drive turned into a watch.

The HDD watch

The HDD watch is a creation that was successfully funded on Indiegogo and created by watchmaker Jean Jerome and is the first watch to be made from a hard disc drive. Jerome explains that although its made from a computers hard disk drive this is not a smart watch by any means and only serves to simply tell …

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12 Classic Watch Designs from 1910’s -80’s

Cartier Tank

This a chronological list of classic watch designs that have achieved their status because of their historical significance or enduring fame. Dating from the turn of the 20th century through to the 1980’s. These watches vary greatly in design and style ranging from small refined dress watches to chunkier sports watches but all have in common their …

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Artya watches for 2014.

Artya watches 2014

Artya is an unusual watch brand that creates “watch art” by employing two teams of people in their workshop, one team is made up of artists and the other watchmakers together they come up with some very interesting designs, here are a couple of new Artya watches for 2014. The Son of a Gun Russian Roulette …

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Romain Jerome Batman watch features the bat signal.

RJ Batman Watch

For the 75th anniversary of Batman, the Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome unveiled this limited edition DNA Batman watch in a series of 75 watches in homage to the age of Bruce Wayne, with a dial that bears the emblem of Batman in black lacquer. Bruce Wayne by day, by night; Batman: Gotham City’s protector turned into …

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Jacob Jensen Curve features clean, elegant design.

Jacob Jensen Curve watch

Jacob Jensen the man behind the design studio is best known for his work with Bang and Olufsen. It’s been a while since the Jacob Jensen design studio launched a whole new watch line, but the Jacob Jensen Curve series has now been launched and presents clean lines and elegant design, Jacob Jensen watch designs follow …

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The BOLT-68, a bullhead watch that converts into a pocket watch.


Bomberg is a  fairly new watch brand, being established  in 2012 in Neuchâtel, the heart of Swiss watchmaking. For 2014 they introduced the BOLT-68 collection. Its an interesting and unconventional watch in the mold of the ‘Bullhead’ design which originally started appearing in the 60’s but is still being used even by major brands, Omega having recently …

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MB&F’s latest ‘machine’ the HM6 is inspired by 80’s Japanese cartoon.


Captain Future is a science fictional hero – originally published in self-titled American pulp magazines between 1940 and 1951 and authored by Edmond Hamilton. In 1978, Toei Animation of Japan produced a Captain Future anime TV series of 53 episodes, based on 13 original Hamilton stories which was dubbed into several languages and proved very …

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Division Furtive Type 50 has “Flux Capacitor” dial.


Division Furtive has announced the production of the Type 50 wristwatch, a new design following its first dual-linear watch: the Type 40, covered here. Like the Type 40 it features an accelerometer enabling the watch to respond to movement so time is displayed when you twist your wrist in front of you. The dial of the Type …

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Accurate to 1.5 seconds in a 1000yrs the Hoptroff No. 16 Atomic Wristwatch


The Hoptroff No. 16 Atomic Wrist watch. After inventing the first Atomic Pocket Watch, the Hoptroff No 10 (pictured below) the company has now released their first Atomic Wrist watch, the Hoptroff No. 16. Accurate to 1.5 seconds each thousand years it jointly shares the accolade of most accurate wristwatch with the first Atomic powered wrist watch released …

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Parmigiani Bugatti Mythe


  Introducing the Parmigiani Bugatti Mythe. Since 2004, the Swiss brand Parmigiani has collaborated with Bugatti, and over the years the two brands have come together on several occasions to produce a range of cutting edge timepieces such as the previously mentioned Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport. With unique designs that mesmerize their watches also capture the imagination of …

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