Jul 262013
JHA watches, unique watches from Japanese artisans.

JHA (Japan Handcraft Watch Association) has just started taking orders for a new handmade wristwatch, catchily called the “Votoms Watch Scopedog Model” (pictured below), its priced at 23,625 yen (about US$235).
It has three separate dials, one with an hour hand, one showing the minutes,  and one with a seconds hand.…

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Jul 122013
GRAHAM Tourbillon Orrery

The GRAHAM Tourbillon Orrery 1713-2013
Celebrates 300 Years Of The Orrery
GRAHAM is possessed of the same driving passion as George Graham, who in the 18th century, devoted his life to the creation of the unattainable.
“Honest” George as he was known, transformed his world through his art.…

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Jul 012013
RJ Moon Orbiter features unique 3D architecture

The RJ-Romain Jerome watch company springs yet another surprise with its latest creation.
In a fresh tribute to the conquest of space, RJ-Romain Jerome presents an exceptional model equipped with a Manufacture movement: a flying tourbillon featuring a unique three-dimensional architecture.…

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Jun 212013
The Kisai Intoxicated watch comes with breathalyser

Looking virtually interchangeable from most other watches by Tokyoflash this one features something a bit different: a breathalyser.
The Kisai Intoxicated watch is novel in that it can check how sober you are. To do this unscrew the watch panel on the side of the watch, wait for the sensor to heat up and blow into the breathalyser from a distance of 2cm.…

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Jun 192013
Steampunk nano watch is nice mixture of styles.

This steam-punk nano watch is a really nice mixture of retro and modern design and comes from Polish design studio Redmer Werkstatt.
It features a case made from wood and brass and a handmade leather strap. The steampunk nano watch case also lets you hook up your headphones via 3.5mm jack and the buttons let you control the Nano functions such as volume and mode.…

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Jun 172013
Diesel releases largest wristwatch in the world

Diesel expands its “Daddy” line of watches with the introduction of the Diesel GrandDaddy model DZ7262 proclaimed to be the world’s largest commercially available wristwatch.
With a case measuring 76mm in diameter the Diesel Granddaddy is certainly a whopper and a wrist presence that is sure to grab attention.…

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Jun 102013
Vianney Halter's latest is Star Trek inspired.

Typically known for his steam-punk creations Vianney Halters latest offering in 7 years is closer to cyberpunk and is intended to resemble the Deep Space 9 station from Star Trek.
The Vianney Halter Deep Space features a huge domed sapphire crystal giving you a great view of the cetral triple axis tourbillon, even more difficult and unique than the typical variety.…

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May 182013
Wooden watch wonders from Valerii Danevych

Working in Kiev, Ukraine watchmaker Valerii Danevych has been perfecting his miniature joinery skills since he was a child- during his school days he made a 3cm guitar which used hair for strings.
Descended from a family of cabinet makers he didnt find traditional wooden joinery gave him satisfaction and was ambitious to tackle more complex wooden structures.  In 2005 with this in mind he dedicated himself to creating wooden timepieces or perhaps you could say “wood horology”.…

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May 102013
Jacob & Co. Epic SF24 uses "split flap" module for second time zone.

The latest piece from Jacob & Co  will appeal to those with a novel taste in wristwatches and who happen to do a lot of traveling. The Jacob & Co. Epic SF24 is the only world-time watch of its kind using a “split flap” display.
You’ve seen them in airports and train stations all over the world, from Singapore’s Changi Airport to the Atlantic City Rail Terminal to Zurich.…

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May 032013
U-Boats First pocket watch the U-Boat U-65

The U-Boat U-65 Pocket Watch is the latest creation by Italo Fontana the creative mind behind the U-Boat watches.  There has been a recent trend for modern interpretations of the pocket watch,  for example the Urwerk UR-1001 or Oakley Full Metal Jacket.  Italo Fontana was inspired to create a pocket watch by nostalgia he felt for some of the formal and informal clothing from the past and came up U-Boats first pocket watch.…

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