Apr 262013
Ressence Type 3 liquid filled watch gives dial illusion

Using a  liquid with a low refractive index, Belgian designer Benoit Mintiens has given the Ressence  Type 3 watch dial the illusion of being projected right onto the surface of the sapphire crystal. Nifty.
Its a high-tech timepiece with a 57 jewel movement with most of the components made from Titanium and has 28 gears.…

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Apr 252013
Revelation R04 Tourbillon featuring the Magical Watch Dial.

Swiss watch brand Revelation presents new model Revelation R04 Tourbillon featuring the Magical Watch Dial.
Living up to their name since their emergence in  2007 Revelation are known for their watches with a novel mechanism: by rotating the watch’s bezel the caliber beneath is revealed thanks to the use of the patented dial using polarizing discs that turn transparent when rotated.  Rotating in the other direction obscures the dial, making it a matte black.  Giving you the choice between a traditional or a skeleton dial.…

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Apr 212013
MCT Sequential One

The resolutely technical design of the MCT Sequential One – S110, an evolution of the previous model made by Eric Giroud, is the work of watchmaking designer Fabrice Gonet. Its sophisticated and immediately recognisable style is a tribute by MCT to the emergence of a style combining the avant-garde with traditional Swiss horology.…

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Apr 022013
10 Interesting watch materials. From Dung to DNA.

Watch brands go to great lengths to create unique products and attract customers. Sometimes the intent is to push the boundaries of watch making by introducing new materials, while other times for less high brow goals such as just pure whimsy.
Alchemy plays a part in some of these watches -the magical transformation of base matter into something of “higher merit”… I leave it to you to decide on the merit.…

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Mar 272013
Breva Genie 01. Combination Barometer-Altimeter mechanical watch.

Altimeters in mechanical watches are not out of the ordinary – Breitling Navtimer for example, however watches with Barometer complications are fewer in number, lately only the Da Vindice Vindex springs to mind.
The Breva Génie 01 is being touted as the worlds first mechanical watch to combine both these functions, and while combining the two is quite unusual its not the first time its happened, another example being the Favre-Leuba Bivouac made in the 60′s.…

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Mar 232013
Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 4

The latest development in this collection by Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 4 is a masterwork of precision contained in a dramatic but refined design. Its heart is a tourbillon inside three concentric cages, each rotating at a different speed and at a different angle.…

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Mar 152013
Ochs and Junior Moonphase is worlds most accurate

The new Ochs and Junior Moonphase model Selene has the worlds most accurate moonphase to be featured in a wristwatch.
It will be off by one day in 3,478 years. Not only that but it is so very simply constructed using just 5 moving parts.
Typically a conventional moonphase calculation is off by one day after two years and more precise moonphases by one day after 122,500 years.…

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Mar 122013
ArtyA Son of a Gun Target

ArtyA is a brand created by Swiss designer Yvan Arpa and aims to create watches incorporating elements of contemporary art and unusual materials.
The Son of a Gun collection often uses bullets in its watches for instance the Son of a Gun Werewolf model came with two silver bullets, which had been forged during a full moon and rubbed in garlic for added Werewolf-defeating effect.…

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