Spy Watches

spy-watchesSpy watches have long been one of the most popular pieces of spy equipment. Watches are a common everyday accessory so ideal for concealing a nifty secret gadget or function for espionage use.
Technical wizardry aside they’re also just cool!

Spies have existed since ancient times, Egyptian hieroglyphs tell of court spies, Rome used espionage to keep an eye on its foreign rivals and in Japan Ninja’s were used for intelligence gathering.

The coming of modern industrialization led to the development of many spy gadgets. Photography became the best means for copying and transmitting information and Morse code meant messages could be sent in a matter of minutes.

By the time of the twentieth century, espionage had developed into a highly technical craft giving way to the development of many spy gadgets including spy watches.

Spy watches in the Movies



Different types of Spy watches

Spy watches can be used in a variety of cloak and dagger situations.

If the spy watch is equipped with sound or video capabilities it could be used to covertly gather intelligence by recording images and sound at meetings while undercover, or for documenting information provided by informants.
Or you could simply use it to synchronize time with other agents.

They can also be used as a surveillance device. They can be placed somewhere to monitor the belongings in your residence, recording video of unsuspecting enemy agents or unsuspecting intruders. Some spy watches have two way communication capabilities so you can secretly confer with other agents.

Below are some watches that might help you gather the intel on your next mission.