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Watch design is becoming an increasingly popular area for product designers as a result many unique, innovative and futuristic watch designs are being created by designers today. In this category you will find news and information about some of them.

With many modern gadgets featuring time telling functions, the death of the wristwatch is sometimes speculated. However as these watch designs show there is still plenty of life left, and the use of 3D software allows designers to create some really stunning images as well as video representations of their work.

“The future of watch design is made more exciting by the continual emergence of new colors, materials and finishes, which bring new creative opportunities. New technology, too brings challenge. “All futurists agree that the wrist is prime real estate for wearable technology.”- Scott Wilson

If you have questions about these watch designs regarding their production status, specifications and so on please contact the designers themselves via the contact information provided.

Dec 042012
Graffiti art inspires watch from designer Andy Kurovets

The growing street art craze is the inspiration for the latest watch from designer Andy Kurovets.
A little tricky to read at first glance it will perhaps become easier after getting used to the unique display (see image below) that mimics the style and colourful world of graffiti.…

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Feb 112012
Round-the-Clock Wristwatch By Körös Benedek

The “Round-The-Clock Wristwatch” is an interesting concept in the form of a bracelet dreamed up by designer Körös Benedek
It offers a time display on the edge of the ring through a system of rotating discs respectively indicating the hours, minutes and seconds.…

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Dec 292011
Geometric Watch Design for Nixon

This digital watch design has a diamond motif that recurs not just in the overall pyramid shape of the watch face but also the crown is made to resemble a diamond – something Im not entirely sure is a good idea given that it would likely dig into your arm as well as be difficult to turn.…

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Dec 242011
Memento Mori Watch by Fiona Kruger

The Memento Mori watch by Fiona Kruger is a skeleton watch with emphasis on the skull, it is a one off design created when she was studying at University of art and design Lausanne in Switzerland. The watch design is inspired by the 17th century skull watch of Mary Queen of Scotts, as well as the Mexican day of the dead, and the piece symbolizes mortality.…

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Dec 222011
Marko Petrovic "Avenger" Lamborghini watch

For his watch design Marko Petrovic drew inspiration from the shapes and forms in Lamborghini’s supercars, in particular the Aventador , that was released earlier in the year.
This Lamborghini watch, called “The Avenger” translates the Aventador’s engine into a vertical tourbillon, according to Marko Petrovic “The main idea was to transfer that sophisticated but still highly aesthetic engineering into something other than vehicle but still close to it.…

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Dec 202011
Marc Tran Ringen

Marc Tran is a French Designer from ISD Valenciennes. He is currently working on his masters degree in product and services design/management.
For his Ringen watch he drew inspiration from Automobiles and the face of the watch is reminiscent of a cars headlamp.…

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Apr 102011
Solaris by Olivier Demangel

Designer Olivier Demangel had the idea to create a futuristic solar watch after seeing a new solar powered Logitech Keyboard.
Like a lot of modern futuristic LED watches, particularly those by Tokyo Flash, its not immediately apparent how to read the time on this concept watch and it involves adding up various individual LED’s, but ‘only’ 16 in this case.…

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Dec 202010
E'llipse by Su Chew Lee & Paolo Di Prodi

This sleek futuristic looking watch by designers Su Chew Lee & Paolo Di Prodi doubles as a mobile phone and features UI widgets for time, weather or calendar.
The watch design is intended to blend functionality and portability with elegance.
According to the designers:
“The design was inspired by the idea of creating a functional accessory that is fashionable and comfortable to wear.…

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Sep 212010
Karim Zaouai “Ferrowatch”

This concept watch keeps time using “ferrofluid”.
Ferrofluid is a liquid made of microscopic magnetic particles which become strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field.
The field in this case is designed to imitate the movement of a watch.…

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May 242010
Digital Hourglass Watch

This cool concept watch is part watch and part digital hourglass. The hourglass-shaped,  LED face can show the time, with the hour on the top and minutes on the bottom, or display the minutes slipping away as the digital “sand” counts down the time.…

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