Watch concepts by Thierry Fischer inspired by nebula, black holes.

Ak Geneve Concept watch

Had to feature these stunning watch designs by Thierry Fischer, who graduated from I.S.D in France and is working on watch design at Etude de Style.

The AK Geneve concept watch is pictured above, this watch design provides hours minutes, day/night indication, and power reserves. Pictured below is an astronomically inspired concept.

Thierry Fischer watch design

The “Tourbillon Blackhole”
As implied in the name, this watch design – 6 months to imagine- is inspired by space and in particular black holes.

The Tourbillon is intended to mimic a nebula and the three outer rings represent hours and minutes and have been designed to echo a vortex like shape. Seconds are indicated by a transparent disc with white star-like points. The entire effect is intended to visually reflect a blackhole.


Tourbillon black hole

Watch the video below, 3 months in creation.

You can contact Thierry through his website


  1. Shahzaib

    Hi, i want to know, how much price of tour billion black hole watch. If you tell me it will be very grateful to you.

  2. Niraj thapa

    Hi I want black color watch ak genave concept watch can you provide me alls information please I am so happy about that’s thanks you ..!

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